Program for Sustain

Tentative program - the sessions may be modified or merged depending on the number of participants registrering for them.

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Thursday, November 29th
 Friday, November 30th
09.00 Glassalen in building 101 DTU
Welcome by Dean of Research Katrine Krogh Andersen and Sustain chair Kristian Mølhave
Please register before 9.00 outside glassalen in bldg 101.

09:00 Coffee, posters and Matchmaking

09:15 Plenary talks in Glassalen

  • Professor Michael Hauschild, DTU Management
    From better to good enough - an absolute sustainability perspective on our technology

  • Professor and Head of department
    Thomas Højlund Christensen, DTU Environment
    Is bioethanol a sustainable fuel?
      - or how quantification of sustainability helps in
       developing green technologies

09:30 Plenary talk in Glassalen

  • Vice president for CSR Kristian Østerling Eriknauer,  Arla
    Sustainability in Arla Foods

10:30 Morning Sessions

Session A: Circular Construction Part I

Session C: Catalysis

Session L: Smart Liveable Cities

Session N: Partnerships and Financing

Session R: Biorefining

Session U: Sustainability in a Chemical World

10:30 Morning Sessions

Session A: Circular Construction Part III

Session  B: Bioeconomy

Session E: Energy

Session G: Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Session H: The Future of Healthcare

Session P: Business models based on protein alternatives

Session W: Water

12:30 Lunch (posters are on display) in Glassalen
12:30 Lunch (posters are on display)

13:30 Afternoon Session (some might be longer)

Session F: Food Resources

Session M: Becoming a sustainable company - where to begin

Session S: Smart Cities in Smart Societies

Session X: Regional Transformation

13.30 Ending Sustain 2018 with poster prizes and beers in Glassalen
15:30 Coffee and poster session in glassalen