About the department

DTU Sustain is one of the largest university departments in Europe specializing in Environmental and Resource technology. The department conducts research, development, and research-based consulting and provides educational programs and services to the society. We work to develop new environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies, methods, and solutions, as well as to disseminate knowledge to the society and new generations of engineers.

The department’s academic breadth and multidisciplinary approach to finding solutions to complex environmental issues is reflected in the professional profile of the scientific personnel. DTU Sustain thus occupies both engineers, chemists, biologists, geologists, and physicists, who collaborate with a wide range of Danish and international partners.

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The department has modern and well-equipped laboratories, where in addition to research, there are also many teaching-related activities. Most of the student projects carried out at DTU Sustain are based on independent, research-based laboratory and/or fieldwork.

In addition to laboratory facilities, DTU Sustain has field facilities and advanced equipment for fieldwork, as well as IT-facilities for complex modelling tasks.

The department have approximately 300 employees with more than 30 nationalities.

Head of Department

  • Brian Hansen, Director, HOFOR A/S
  • Yvonne Amskov, Director of Development, Vestforbrænding
  • Helle Vang Andersen, Sr. Vice President, COWI A/S
  • Leif Bentsen, CEO, Krüger A/S
  • Jens Brandt Bering, Sr. Vice President, NIRAS A/S
  • Rikke Festersen, Director, Novonesis
  • Wilbert van de Ven, Product Group Director, Grundfos A/S