Geotechnics and Geology

We contribute with research-based knowledge on how to improve civil infrastructure sustainability, how to promote its resiliency to climate change effects, and how to deal with the limited availability of geological resources.

Møn's Cliff

We do research within the following core areas:

  • experimental soil mechanics
  • soil-structure interaction
  • computational geomechanics
  • geophysics of soils and rocks
  • frozen ground geophysics
  • geological processes controlling subsurface flow and stability
  • pavement mechanics
  • smart infrastructure
  • mineral resources

We have advanced equipment and laboratory facilities:

  • 5 m diameter geotechnical centrifuge
  • geophysical/geotechnical permafrost laboratory
  • low-field nuclear magnetic resonance setup
  • distributed fiber-optic sensing equipment

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We collaborate with civil infrastructure facility owners and operators, e.g., governmental agencies, municipalities, material producers, and design companies. The section also collaborates with other DTU departments, as well as with other research institutions – national and international. We teach candidates in civil engineering. If you are interested in collaborating, please contact our head of section.

Head of Section

Eyal Levenberg

Eyal Levenberg Associate Professor, Head of Section Phone: +45 45251907

Research Topics